Option Intense Murumuru


Intensive Treatment gives dry and damaged hair the correct nutrition, while preserving its softness and lightness.
Helps to retain the correct hydration, improves elasticity and flexibility.

Formulations realized with exclusive elixirs that full hair of precious elements. Enchanting naturals protections redress hair as a second skin, leaving softness and silkness even on your hands. The capillary fiber gets regenerated-nourished-moisturized with a totally lightness.

Intensive Shampoo

Precious elixir from the Amazon containing Murumuru: it nourishes dry, tired and damaged hair, leaving it soft and light.

Use: Gently message on wet hair until a soft foam forms, then rinse. Repeat the application if necessary.

200/1000 ml

Intensive Mask Oil

Precious elixir from the Amazon containing Murumuru: deep-down and long lasting nourishment leaving hair easy to comb and light. Anti-frizz system. INSTRUCTIONS Apply one or two knobs of product to damp hair after washing. Massage delicately and rinse off after 2/3 minutes.

200/500 ml

Use: Apply on wet hair after shampooing, using one or two dollops of the product from the length to the end. Gently message and rinse after 2/3 minutes


Murumuru Butter is obtained from the seeds of the palm of the same name (Astrocaryum), native of Brazil. Its fruit is important food source for the local populations. The butter has the look of a white or yellow fat, with a delicate fragrance similar of that of cocoa butter.

Properties of Murumuru Butter

Murumuru butter, although it is less well known with respect to shea butter or cocoa butter, is an excellent natural product for the treatment of skin and hair, containing important cosmetic properties.
It is in fact a true concentrate of Vitamin A, which makes it an exceptional antioxidant. It is rich in Vitamin F, which has a well-known sebum-regulator function, and in Essential Fatty Acids (Oleic and Linoleic acid), which contribute to creating a barrier to prevent the loss of moisture as well as having Emollient properties.
Other important acids contained in the butter are Lauric acid, Myristic acid, Palmitic acid, Stearic acid and Caprylic acid, which keep skin elastic and hydrated without leaving greasy residue. Thanks to its particular composition, Murumuru butter deeply nourishes the skin and gives hair radiance. In addition, having a melting point of about 33 C, it contains proteins very similar to those of the hair.
It is particularly indicated in the case of dry hands, cracked lips and curly and unruly hair that tends to become frizzy.
Murumuru butter can also be added to after-sun cream for a tan that is long-lasting and skin that is rehydrated, since it contrasts the drying action of the sea and the sun.