Option Luxe Oil Curl Up



Curly hair is subjected to continuous stress such as Dryers, Hot Irons and Coloring, which weaken and
deplete the capillary fiber. From this careful analysis OPTION CURL was created to preserve the beauty
of curly hair and to reduce the electrostatic effect.
Precious elixir of oils: provides curly or wavy hair with hydration, softness and radiance. Anti-frizz system.
Use: Gently massage on wet hair until a soft forms, then rinse. Repeat the application if necessary.
Mask Oil
Precious elixir of oils: provides nutrition and extreme discipline,
shine and softness to curly hair without weighing the hair down. Anti-frizz system.
Use: Apply after shampooing on wet hair, using one or two dollops of the product
from the lengths to the ends. Gently massage and rinse after 2/3 minutes.

Precious elixir of Jojoba joined to the curl memory technology: it reveals a defined-modeled-hydrated curl by eliminating the frizz effect. It does not weigh down the hair. Defined and natural effect.
Use: Apply the product on wet hair, squeeze the hair with your hands, starting from the ends,
scrunching them toward the roots and proceed with drying.

Option Curl favors  a mix of nutritive oils in its formulation able to give curly or wavy hair nourishment, extreme discipline, softness and radiance without weighing the hair down. Formulation with anti-frizz system.
The Option Curl treatment helps the curl to maintain its structure even after the use of hot irons.
Facilitates the work in the Salon for straight styling. Curly hair is more tonic, elastic and lighter.
Formula enriched with:
Non-greasy nourishing oil
COCONUT OILGives the hair radiance                                         
Non-greasy nourishing oil